Action Learning: It’s Greater Than OJT

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For hundreds of years companies used on-the-job training (OJT). OJT is guaranteed as the result is a lot of what we should learn about adult learning theory. For instance, we all know:

1. Adults learn best when new learning does apply immediately.

2. A lot of classroom “learning” sheds because it doesn’t transfer to the task.

Action learning is really a two-part approach to maximize learning and productivity by maximizing OJT. Action learning involves groups of business people focusing on real business projects and problems. They members’ jobs are also supported by regular (and spontaneous) company-brought reflection and discussion conferences.

Action learning projects have brought to cool product launches, acquisitions and divestitures, and enormous-scale business changes. Additionally to extensive and measurable productivity, you will find significant learning advantages of these action learning projects. The advantages include:

* contact with other areas from the organization,

* growth and development of emotional intelligence (EI),

* understanding the political realities from the organization, and

* having the ability to showcase skills to senior management.

Clearly, action learning projects require serious senior management commitment. Senior management buy-in includes not just contribution to selecting projects and participants, but additionally dedication to evaluating and applying projects.

Its not all business project is definitely an appropriate action learning project. Many projects have severe time limitations that will not allow the required time for reflection and discussion for that project team. Some projects aren’t strategically important enough to warrant an investment of business sources (time, people, and cash).

The company for that action learning project should be an experienced company. To maximise the training within an action learning project, the coach or company must understand how to extract gaining knowledge from the team’s work. Learning goals should be identified at the start of the work. Provoking critical thinking, reflection, creativity, and self-awareness may be the job from the company.

Action learning is among many business learning strategies. Action learning can be used in alignment using the other business learning programs, for example individual coaching. For instance, many coaching discussion topics could be in line with the real-time learning that can take devote an action learning project.

Clearly, action learning projects (like every other business learning methods) aren’t a remedy-all for each learning need. But, the productivity and learning advantages of action learning should be thought about by every organization.

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