Which State Is Best to Visit: Ohio Or Kentucky?

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Ohio and Kentucky are neighboring states located in the Midwestern and Southern regions of the United States, respectively. Each state offers its own unique attractions and experiences for visitors.

Ohio is known for its vibrant cities such as Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati, which offer an array of cultural attractions, art galleries, museums, and bustling nightlife. Visitors can explore historical sites like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland or delve into the rich history of the Civil War at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the picturesque scenery in places like Hocking Hills State Park or the famous Lake Erie shoreline. Ohio is also home to Cedar Point, one of the largest amusement parks in the world.

Kentucky, on the other hand, is famous for its horse racing heritage and bourbon distilleries. The state's largest city, Louisville, hosts the renowned Kentucky Derby, a world-class horse racing event. Visitors can explore the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and discover the secrets behind the making of this iconic American spirit. The state also offers breathtaking natural wonders such as Mammoth Cave National Park, the longest cave system in the world. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, and boating in the many lakes and recreational areas across the state.

When deciding which state is best to visit, it ultimately depends on individual preferences and interests. If you're looking for metropolitan excitement, cultural experiences, and a mix of urban and natural attractions, Ohio may be your best choice. On the other hand, if you're keen on experiencing the vibrant horse racing scene, whiskey tasting, and exploring natural wonders, Kentucky might be the perfect destination for you. Both states offer unique and unforgettable experiences that can cater to various interests.

How to visit famous landmarks in Ohio or Kentucky?

To visit famous landmarks in Ohio or Kentucky, you can follow these steps:

  1. Plan your itinerary: Research the landmarks you would like to visit in Ohio and Kentucky. Create a list of the landmarks you are interested in and decide on the duration of your trip.
  2. Transportation: Decide on the mode of transportation. You can either rent a car or use public transport. If you are flying into the area, determine the nearest airport or cities you will be visiting.
  3. Create a route: Plot out a route that covers all the landmarks you wish to visit. Ensure you plan the journey to efficiently utilize your time and minimize travel distances.
  4. Accommodation: Book accommodation in the cities or towns closest to the landmarks you plan to visit. Consider staying overnight near specific landmarks if they require more time for exploration.
  5. Visit landmarks in Ohio: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland) Hocking Hills State Park (Logan) Cincinnati Museum Center (Cincinnati) National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Cincinnati) The Ohio Statehouse (Columbus) The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (Columbus) National Museum of the U.S. Air Force (Dayton) Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Akron/Cleveland area) Amish Country (Holmes County) Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland)
  6. Visit landmarks in Kentucky: Churchill Downs (Louisville) Kentucky Derby Museum (Louisville) Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory (Louisville) Mammoth Cave National Park (Cave City) Ark Encounter (Williamstown) Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area (Whitley City) Red River Gorge Geological Area (Slade) Kentucky Horse Park (Lexington) Bourbon Distilleries (Various locations across Kentucky)
  7. Follow travel guidelines: Before traveling, ensure you are aware of any travel restrictions, entry requirements, or COVID-19 protocols in the areas you plan to visit. Check with official websites or local authorities for the most up-to-date information.
  8. Enjoy your visit: When you arrive at each landmark, explore, take photos, learn about the history, and immerse yourself in the experience. Take advantage of any guided tours or visitor information centers to enhance your visit.

Remember to respect the landmarks, follow any rules or regulations, and leave no trace behind.

What is the crime rate in Ohio or Kentucky?

The crime rate in Ohio and Kentucky varies by city and region. It is essential to note that crime rates can change over time and can be influenced by various factors. However, here are some general statistics:


  • Violent Crime Rate (per 100,000 people): 304.9
  • Property Crime Rate (per 100,000 people): 2,700.2 (Source: 2019 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting)


  • Violent Crime Rate (per 100,000 people): 267.2
  • Property Crime Rate (per 100,000 people): 2,233.4 (Source: 2019 FBI Uniform Crime Reporting)

Again, it is important to remember that these numbers represent statewide averages, and crime rates can significantly vary between different cities and areas within Ohio and Kentucky. It is recommended to research crime rates specific to the city or region of interest for a more accurate understanding.

How to get off the beaten path in Ohio or Kentucky?

If you're looking to explore Ohio or Kentucky off the beaten path, here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Venture into the Hocking Hills, Ohio: Explore the stunning natural wonders of the Hocking Hills region, including secluded hiking trails, hidden waterfalls, and unique rock formations. Check out spots like Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, or Old Man's Cave, which offer tranquil settings away from the crowds.
  2. Visit Bourbon Country, Kentucky: Discover the less-touristy bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. While most visitors flock to the popular ones like Maker's Mark or Woodford Reserve, consider exploring hidden gems like Town Branch or Willett Distillery for a more authentic and intimate experience.
  3. Explore Ohio's Amish Country: Choose to wander beyond the typical tourist hotspots and visit lesser-known Amish communities in Ohio's Amish Country. Explore towns like Charm or Baltic, where you can experience the Amish way of life, find locally made crafts, and indulge in delicious homemade Amish cuisine.
  4. Drive the Ohio Scenic Byway: Ohio's Scenic Byway is a 233-mile route that winds through beautiful countryside, charming towns, and historic sites. Take the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path towns along the way, such as Perrysville, Granville, or Marietta, and uncover hidden local attractions.
  5. Discover Kentucky's Red River Gorge: Head to the Red River Gorge Geological Area in Kentucky for a stunning outdoor adventure. Go hiking or rock climbing along the lesser-known trails, such as Swift Camp Creek or Gray's Arch, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of the area.
  6. Explore Ohio's Lake Erie Islands: Visit the Lake Erie Islands in Ohio, like Kelleys Island or Middle Bass Island, for a secluded and peaceful retreat. These islands offer scenic beauty, uncrowded beaches, and opportunities for kayaking, hiking, or bird-watching.
  7. Seek out Underground Cincinnati: Explore the unique underground tunnels of Cincinnati through hidden spaces like the Cincinnati Subway or the Christian Moerlein Brewery tunnels. Take a guided tour to learn about the city's history and delve into the lesser-known parts of this fascinating urban landscape.

Remember, getting off the beaten path requires a sense of adventure and an openness to explore. Researching local attractions, talking to locals, and using a good map or GPS will undoubtedly help you discover hidden gems in Ohio or Kentucky.

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