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Do you know how to choose a school when studying in the United States美国留学? If you choose a school, you need to be cautious, considering all aspects, because it is the place you will spend 2, 4, or even 8 years in the future. When you are studying in a school, whether you decide to do a undergrad, grad or phD, you should start to list your dream school first. Many parents and classmates are confused about which schools to choose and which schools are suitable for the growth of students.

DreamGo, the number one google rank U.S. study agent, gives parents and classmates a summary of the three major areas to consider when choosing a school in the United States: the student’s own family status, US University Ranking (美国大学排名), and the school’s geographic location.

The location of the school is important to the school, such as whether the area is safe, the employment rate in the area, the surrounding big companies, the traffic and surrounding consumption levels in the area. Therefore, California becomes Top 1 spot when it comes to study abroad for Chinese student. This article will introduce one of California universities in California system—University of California– Irvine.

University of California-Irvine (加州大学欧文分校)

Advantages: The best research university in the University of California system, many popular topics in the academic world are here, the science is strong, and the network equipment is first-class. The geographical advantage of Silicon Valley is also a great opportunity for internship employment. Disadvantages: Because Irvine is a typical residential community, it is more convenient to travel to other towns and students are less concentrated. Without a team, morale and cohesion are not enough. Academic requirements are high, and people who have thought of it and who have been through are not suitable to come here.

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